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Beautiful Lots of Land in Aroostook County, Maine

The name says it all - Aroostook means “beautiful river” and it is most apropos. The land is absolutely breathtaking and the air is as fresh as the sunshine. This is the most northern county in Maine, bordered on two sides by Canada. History Maine Acadians are amongst the first French settlers and overcame fierce battles with the British Colonial Forces. Their history is well documented and beautifully displayed in the National Park museums. You will not want to miss the landing site at the Acadian Landing & Tante Blanche Museum. Steeped in history and architecture the Acadian Village gives you a glimpse into the past including the interior design and function of the average home. The stacked hewn construction is a marvel in itself, and these houses have been around since the eighteenth century. School houses of that era are magnificent to stroll through, and the old mill is simply amazing. Outdoor Activities Take a short trip to Acadia National Park and stroll down the carriage road built by John D. Rockefeller Jr and see firsthand why they call it the best broken stone road still in existence. It stretches for 45 miles so you can walk, but I would bring my bike or hire a horse drawn carriage like in the old days. The most magnificent walk you will ever take is along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. There is a footpath along the Appalachian Mountains and through the valleys. It is spectacular. The Cobble beaches have few sandy shores for you to scrunch your toes into, but they are stunning and loaded with remnants of the sea. This park is blessed with multiple ponds, mountains and wet lands. The acreage is abundant with wildlife including Peregrine Falcons. It may take a lifetime to enjoy them all. The Maine Potato Blossom Festival is an annual celebration of their culture. It includes street dancing, sports tournaments and you can even play a game of human chess. It doesn’t end there, but the list of activities goes on forever. Suffice it to say everyone enjoys it. The Economy The mainstay of the economy is - no surprise - potato farming as it has been for many years. The industry began slipping in popularity, but they now are well known for their organic potatoes. The fertile soil is simply a gift that cannot be squandered. There are a few other businesses scattered about, restaurants, some industrial ventures, but mostly it remains an agricultural strong hold. There are waterfront acres available for hunting fishing, snowmobiling or any other outdoor activity you can imagine. On the eastern border is West road that provides easy access to the land. Bordered by the Madawaska River on the west along with 600 feet of state owned frontage that provides shelter for the treasured wildlife. Electricity is currently available, for the remaining utilities check with the local county assessor. The price is barely over eleven hundred dollars an acre. That’s why it is a cash sale. There is a onetime all-inclusive fee that includes the closing costs and the document preparation.