Valentine, Texas Acreage and Lots for Sale


Created on Saturday, August 22, 2015
Updated on Monday, February 26, 2018
by Land Century

This is rustic, rural country side that is an awe-inspiring escape from the hustle and bustle of major city life. It’s warm dry summers and cool dry winters offer the best of both worlds- You can choose to isolate yourself or drive thirty minutes and play all day.


Industry seems to be the mainstay of the economic base in the part of the world. Such things as cabinet makers, aluminum railing, and travertine counter top businesses are booming along with home builders.

Now keep in mind, this is a small town with a population just shy of 200 in 2014. That number changes dramatically year to year, though, a few years ago it almost broke the 300 mark. In 1914, the populace was at 500 residents due to cattle ranching and the valentine business club. It finally reached a peak of 629 in 1930 and gradually reduced the number of full time residents.


Have you ever wondered why towns have individual names? Most of them are related to the first settler or the most well-known citizen, but not Valentine. Southern Pacific Railroad crew was building the great rails and landed here February 14th, 1882. They decided to name it in honor of the holiday of love. It is not the city of romance you might expect, but for a few weeks before Valentine’s Day it is probably the busiest.

Entertainment is Close at Hand

Whether you start or end your day with a hot air balloon ride the result is always the same. Experiencing spectacular views of the country side from the air is almost surreal, but if you are smart enough to schedule your time to include sunrise or sunset it becomes magical. This is available in Valentine.

A short thirty minutes away is Marfa, where you can take a canoe trip down Santa Elena Canyon or go kayaking down the Rio Grande River. Finish the day with a tour of Big Bend National Park and see the pictographs and stroll through the caves decorated with Indian hieroglyphics from the past.

Eat a healthy dinner in one of the many outstanding restaurants and then relax before bed at Chinati Hot Springs. Get plenty of rest because the morning time brings more adventures, like glider rides. This should be in the top two of any bucket list. When the updrafts raise the plane it gives you a sense of elation then the drop comes and your heart begins racing with excitement until the calmness and beauty embrace you with an over-all sense of peace. One lady said she felt like it had a religious familiarity.


Most people drive twenty or thirty minutes to the go shopping; this trip is a life changer. When you first arrive the word boring will enter you mind but by the time you leave - you will walk away with a craving to return. Little home hobbies can’t compare - between balloon rides, canoeing, and glider ride you will have a new love. The only thing better than visiting here it becoming a permanent resident, and there is land available.
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