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Needles, California Acreage and Plots of Land Available

Published on Monday, August 24, 2015 by Land Century

This is an interesting rural community in San Bernardino County that has been the location of choice for multiple movies since The Grapes of Wrath in 1940. Needles fame doesn’t stop there- it was a common stopping place off the old Route 66. Its prominence is especially surprising when you consider this now famous little town started out as a “tent city”.

It is named after the needle shaped peaks of the Mojave Mountains. The land is shared with Mohave Native Americans both the town and the reservation and is close to the Mojave Preserve.

The hiking trails are littered with ancient petroglyphs and pictographs and stone works are scattered throughout the area. Mohave is the name of the Native American Indian tribe, translated as Aha Makhav. AHA is River in English and makhav means alongside.

The Climate

The climate is classified as subtropical-the temperatures during the summer months frequently exceed 100 degrees and sometimes go up to 120 degrees. However in the winter the average is between high 60’s and 80 degrees. Even the rain is hot, and in fact they have the record for the hottest rain in the world at 115 degrees. The humidity also set a low world record of 11 percent unlike the monsoon season when the humidity is quite high. Snowfall is not common in the region but on occasion it does drop by.

The majority of residents work at the former ‘Santa Fe Railroad’ now known as BNSF Railway. It is the second largest freight railway in North America and provides high speed links from east to west. It’s rural not desolate, in fact, it’s little more than 2.5 hours to Palm Springs and less than 4 to Los Angeles. You can enjoy your privacy and take a short drive to the big city when the mood strikes.


Are you wondering what to do when you get tired of relaxing? Well, Needles has a list of “to do’s”. Let’s begin with the “RVers Off-Roaders Delight” where camping, boating and partying are in full force during the summer. It has an outdoor bar with swings for seating to add just a little more fun. The river water is as clear as glass but a bit chilly.

Let’s move on to the resort called Pirates Cove which has a reputation for excellent service in a trendy setting. It offers riverside camping or rent a cabin if you prefer to sleep indoors. For the more adventurous you can rent wave runners and explore the Colorado River areas. It’s a great place to getaway for a change of pace.

There’s also a GOZIP Pirates Cove, which has different attractions especially geared to families. Like the zip line or the big swing. This is not for the faint of heart- in fact many people would find it challenging to walk the planks to the top of the towers. If you are afraid of height it would be that much more arduous. The serene of the group would probably enjoy the golf course or the wildlife refuge more.

Close by is Lake Havasu City, which is the new home of the original London Bridge since 1971. The bridge was disassembled shipped to Arizona and rebuilt. Calico Ghost Town is a perfectly restored mining town, initiated by the owners of Knott's Berry Farm by use of old photographs. You’ll get a peek at one of the first Wells Fargo stations and Boot Hill Cemetery, set aside for the wicked men of the county. In 2012, the town was reopened for residential communities and was doing quite well with several luxury villas established. This is the place to pan for gold, watch a staged gun fight and tour the old silver mines.

On the Market

There are acre plots available right now in Needles not far from Calico ghost town and two different lakes. Zoned as single family residential and comes with a grant deed. You’ll have to check with the assessor regarding the utilities and road access. There is a one-time fee to cover closing costs, document preparation and listing fees.

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