Cheap Land Opportunities Near Bombay Beach, California


Created on Saturday, March 12, 2016
Updated on Monday, February 26, 2018
by Land Century

Bombay Beach is situated along the southeastern shore in California. The city has just 0.9 square miles of land, and the population is just 298 people. This is an exclusive community, and coming across land deals in California is often very difficult without the right resources at your disposal. A secluded area, the nearest gas station to town is 20 miles away in Niland, so you’ll find that many residents use golf carts to get around.

The area was once a popular tourist destination, but flooding in the 70s caused much of the area to suffer. The population in the area has since shrunk, but there are still residents that call Bombay Beach home. And there are also surrounding areas that have a higher population. Thousands of people come to the city each year because it is a scenic paradise, and land prices are rather affordable.

Land for Sale in Bombay Beach

Bombay Beach never got to live up to its potential, as the Salton Sea caused flooding, but the town did see a population increase in 2013 for the first time since 2000. There are 175 households in the town, and land that was undamaged by the flooding is for sale. For a tropical paradise, it doesn’t get much better than Bombay Beach – and it’s not overrun with tourists.

A few of the most popular properties available, include:

* 5,390 square feet residential lot is selling for $2,999. The lot is zoned as residential and it does include paved road access. Power and water are available at the street, so you won’t have an issue getting your utilities hooked up.

* A very similar lot is available that is 5,400 square feet and ready to be built on. This lot also features paved road access and utilities are available at the street. This lot is selling for $2,999.

And these are just a few of the lots that are currently available for sale. While the flood may have driven out residents in the past, the small city is making a comeback. The sunset is nothing short of breathtaking and can be seen while looking over the Salton Sea and viewing the mountains in the distance. If you want to move somewhere nearby but not necessarily in Bombay, there are several other opportunities in the surrounding area.

Imperial County

Bombay Beach is located in Imperial County. The county is home to 174,528 people, and the county seat is El Centro. Imperial County was established in 1907, and is home to many beautiful cities (mostly smaller cities), and the land deals in the area are very impressive.

Borrego Springs

Close to Imperial County, Borrego Springs is actually located on the eastern portion of San Diego county. Tourism is a major economic factor in the city, and you’ll find local herds of bighorn sheep roaming the area. Four major golf courses are present as well as horseback riding and a tennis center.

This beautiful town is a “snow bird” hotspot, with many people going to the town during the winter months as it receives 300 days of sunshine each year. The population exploded from 2,535 people in 2000 to 3,429 people in 2010. The shift in population has caused land prices in the area to rise as a result.

But there are amazing deals still available:

* A 20-acre parcel is available for just $4,950. This parcel can be used for anything from solar installations to a residential home. The area has an abundance of sunshine, and no information is present for utilities on the property.

* A 10-acre lot is available and is just 10 miles from the Salton Sea. This lot does not have a risk of flooding, and the price is just $3,475. There are even mountain views available with this property.

Much of Borrego Springs is desert, but there are utility hookups and a rustling city that has a lot of potential due to the high level of tourists visiting the area. Known for its exceptional views, you’ll find that Borrego has sights that caused other city land values to skyrocket as a result. With a fast growing population, investors are flocking to this area.

Palo Verde

A very small city that has a total land area of just 0.6 square miles. Palo Verde is home to just 171 people as of 2010, marking a decline from 236 people in 2000. There are currently 84 households in the city, and there are a total of 211 housing units. A large amount of the city’s population, roughly 58%, rent their homes.

Investors are flocking to the area due to its high rental rate, and land prices in Palo Verde are beyond affordable.

* A 40-acre lot is currently for sale that includes an S-2 open space zoning. This lot is selling for just $250 an acre, or $9,999 for all 40 acres. This is a dream lot for anyone that wants to build their own home, a commercial center or subdivide and sell the lots at a premium.

Palo Verde may be a small city, but a 40-acre lot is a dream come true for many investors.


Just two miles from the Salton Sea, the population of Niland is 1,006 people. The city is where most people in Bombay Beach go to get their gas since there are no gas stations in Bombay. The town is just 0.4 square miles, and there are 367 households in the city as of 2010. Unlike some of the surrounding areas, Niland features a mild desert climate thanks to stable air descending on the town and higher pressure levels.

A beautiful lot is available on 1st Street that is 0.09 acres in size and has paved road access. There are also utility lines available at the street level, which can be easily hooked up for your project. The price of this lot is just $3,495 for a prime location in the city.

Imperial County has a lot of potential for land investors that want to find large parcels of land at rock bottom prices. With warm weather all year long and an abundance of sunshine, your oasis is awaiting.
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