Lake and Waterfront Land for Sale in California

Lake and Waterfront Land for Sale in California

Lake and Waterfront Land for Sale in California
If you’re looking to invest in land, you've probably heard of the land boom in California in the 70s. If you were one of the lucky people that invested in land at this time, you’ve likely seen your investment increase 10 times over the past 40 years. California is one of the most expensive states in the entire country, and land definitely comes at a high premium.

The most popular type of land in all of California is waterfront land, and the price you pay for it is rather steep. But you don’t need to be in the middle of Malibu to find the right parcel of land for your investment needs. There are several different lakefront, riverfront and other waterfront properties that are far away from the "super rich" areas. The best part is that many of the high paid California residents are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and nothing beats a waterfront piece of land. This means selling your land at a much higher premium.

California Information and Statistics

The state of California is home to over 39 million people, according to the United States Census Bureau estimate in 2015. The state has experienced massive growth since 2010, with a 5.08% increase in population in five years. While many people are leaving the state to go to Arizona, Texas and Nevada, California still maintains a population of ethnic diversity. California’s population is so large in retrospect, that there are only 34 other countries in the world that have more people than just the state alone.

Los Angeles alone has more people living within the city borders than 42 of the states in the United States. Immigration is a major issue in the state, but has since declined since 2010. Now, there are more California-born residents making up the majority of the state’s populous since the gold rush.

The economy in California is responsible for 13.2% of the entire United States GDP. There are a few countries (seven in total) that have a larger GDP than California. With Silicon Valley, Hollywood and other major sectors in California, it is the ideal place for anyone trying to move into a city that has a lot of potential in terms of jobs and career choices.

You’ll also find in diverse climate, with temperatures hotter in the eastern portion of the state, and milder temperatures to the west near the ocean.

California Lake and Waterfront Properties

To say that California is a large state is an understatement. You’ll find diverse land opportunities in the state, including:

* Lakefront properties
* Waterfront properties
* Oceanfront properties
* Desert properties
* Picturesque properties perfect for winemaking

California has something for everyone, and were going to take a look at what lake and waterfront properties are currently priced at on the market.

$999 and Under

We have a massive amount of properties for sale in California. Many of these properties are under $1,000, and offer waterfront views. A few properties in our listings include:

* A 0.1384-acre lot in Big River, California. A dirt road is present, and the lot is owned as residential.

* A 0.1374-acre lot is also available within Big River, California that offers road access, low taxes and sits at the edge of the river.

These are just a few of many of the lots that we have recently sold, and most of these lots were purchased as part of a foreclosure package. Given the prices listed above, you would be spending under $8,000 per acre of land. In California, this is an absolute steal for any waterfront property.

$2,000 and Under

If you have just a little more to spend, you’ll find that the opportunities increase exponentially. We have had many great properties in our inventory as of late, and an exceptional amount are for sale for under $2,000. A few of the gems that we have had include:

* A 0.063-acre lot in Lake Arrowhead, California. The property offers paved road access, electric lines and is just a short ride from the lake.

* A 0.06-acre lot in Big Bear City, California that is just 5 miles from Big Bear Lake recently sold for under $1,500.

* A 0.13-acre lot with paved road access, electricity and phone availability as well as city water was sold for under $2,000, and features single-family residential zoning.


Anyone with over $2,000 to spend will find that there are an abundance of properties on the market that offer waterfront views.

* A 3.1-acre lot in California city sold for $6,900 and provided access to an 18-acre public lake.
* A 20.7-acre lot located to the northeast of the lake sold for under $10,000 with financing available.

Many of the lots available have been sold, but there are many being added to our inventory each and every week. Southern California is the optimal place to go for anyone on a tight budget. This is where you’ll find most of the lakefront and waterfront properties, but you can also find many of these properties in the West. Keep in mind that the western portion of the state has much higher land prices, and can be tens of thousands of dollars per acre or more depending on where you are looking.

The California real estate market is booming with:

* 369,680 homes on the market as of November 15.

* Year-over-year, the amount of higher-priced homes valued over $500,000 have increased by 10.6%. Homes valued at$750,000-$1 million increased by 7.7%, and homes between $1 million+ have increased by 22% in 2015.

* Detached homes in the state have a median price of $475,000.

* Home prices have increased by 6.8% year-over-year.

California is an ideal choice for land investors, and there is no shortage of people looking for great waterfront land in the state. Keep in mind that taxes are slightly higher, and that you will be in one of the most populous states in the entire country. California also offers a diverse landscape with opportunities that go beyond just waterfront land. You’ll find land that is perfect for hunting, fishing, grazing, winemaking and residential properties that sell for much higher prices in California than in most parts of the United States.

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