How to Find Good Vacant Land for Sale in Florida


Created on Saturday, November 15, 2014
Updated on Monday, February 26, 2018
by Land Century

The US is one of the more popular places in the world with people looking to buy secondary homes, and that includes people buying from abroad. A lot of those people are looking to purchase land for sale in Florida.

Some people in the industry have predicted that there will be an end to the property price drop in Florida soon. The prices of real estate have seemingly almost hit bottom, so that it is now an ideal time to buy land in Florida. The following guide will help you to find the best land for sale in Florida, and make the right choices when buying it.

Think About Why You Want to Buy Rural Land for Sale in Florida

Some of the main attractions in Florida are a good exchange rate (for people from other countries), a pleasant and inviting climate, and affordable flights from airports in countries like the UK. There does not appear to many people who are put off by how long they need to travel, when coming from abroad, as US flight routes are convenient.

After the recession, when the economy of the US slid down, the long-time boom for property ended, and many people developing real estate in Florida where faced with very tough conditions in the market. This meant that they needed to more aggressively promote the projects that they were working on, or risk losing a lot of money. A consequence from this is that many people from other regions and countries were able to access some excellent discounts for new properties.

Look at the Popular Places in Florida

If you are looking to find good land for sale in Florida, you should check out some of the most popular places for visitors. When you are looking to buy land in Cape Coral or Daytona Beach from overseas, or another state, it can be difficult to make sure that you are making a wise investment. Here is a brief guide to the places that might interest land buyers:

The Gulf Coast

During July and August, this is a very popular area. However, that means that there is less potential for renting properties out in this area, during other times of the year. An advantage of this area, which can make up for these limited vacation times, is the beauty of the area, with its blue seas, sparkling white beaches, and abundance of great restaurants. These are things that have worked toward making The Gulf Coast of Florida a very wealthy area, with up to 60 percent of the richest citizens of the US living in this area, in Sarasota, Naples and Port Charlotte, as well as on the Atlantic Coast. This does, however, mean that the area is one of the more expensive ones that you could choose from.

Houses which are situated on the waterfront, for example, can sell for up to double the amount of those in Orlando. It is possible to buy houses that are below two miles from the beach for less, although their prices are still above average. If you are looking for an investment property in this area, it is wise to look at lots for sale within 5 miles of the beach.

Central Florida

The center of Florida, especially near Orlando and Tampa, has been a favorite spot for vacation goers for some time. Tourists, especially those traveling with families, love the popular attractions, such as Universal Studios, Disney World, Seaworld, and Busch Gardens. Unlike some of the other parts of Florida, Central Florida is warm throughout the entire year, and sees less rain than the more coastal parts.

Because of the popularity of this area, and the good market for rental properties that results in this, it is an ideal place to buy land in Florida. People who purchase investment properties in the area have seen generally high returns, and it is also popular with second home buyers and people looking to rent out their new properties. The prices do, however, reflect this popularity, but property prices in Central Florida can still be considered good value, as the sheer number of new developments helps to reduce the prices, keeping the market competitive. Many people look to buy cheap residential land in Palm Bay.
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