Finding Cheap and Attractive Land in Missouri

Finding Cheap and Attractive Land in Missouri

Finding Cheap and Attractive Land in Missouri
Missouri is considered a Midwestern state, and sits Northeast of Oklahoma. The state is the 18th most populous in the country, and there are 114 counties within the state. When looking to find cheap and attractive land, Missouri is a state that has something to offer everyone. And all you need to do is look at the geography of the state to fully understand how diverse it is.

Missouri Geography

Missouri isn’t like other Midwestern states that are home to vast deserts and landscapes that are suboptimal for residency. Instead, the state offers:

- Northern: The dissected till plains make up the northern region of the state. This is an area that is known for its high crop output and rolling farmland. You’ll find ample acreage in the north and an exceptional landscape.

- Southern: The southern region of the state lies on the majestic Ozark Mountains. This is a hiker’s paradise with mountain views that are unbeatable. The fall months are very popular in Missouri due to the Ozark views, and it’s not uncommon to find many people selling land in this region. The one downfall is finding land that is suitable for usage. Due to the mountains, the land can be difficult to traverse or even build upon in some cases.

Separating these two areas of the state is the Missouri River. Rich in history, the state was the starting point for the famous Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail and Pony Express. The state intersects with several of the country’s biggest rivers, with confluence from the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

Optimal Climates

Land is highly influenced by a state’s climate, and Missouri is considered a humid continental climate. The state has snowy winters, wet summers and has high levels of humidity. You should also know that the state is in the famous Tornado Alley, which is known for its unusually high levels of tornadoes.

Temperatures in the state are:

* January: Lows of 18 degrees, and highs of 42 degrees
* April: Lows of 43 degrees, and highs of 68 degrees
* July: Lows of 66 degrees, and highs of 90 degrees
* October: Lows of 44 degrees, and highs of 71 degrees

The ideal temperature for growing crops, the state does run along the corn belt and borders eight other states, making it a popular choice for travelers. Home to dozens of national parks, you’ll find that much of the land, especially in the south, consists of national land that cannot be purchased.

Properties that are along the borders of these parks are known for their serenity and being the right location for privacy.

Finding Cheap and Attractive Land in Missouri

When you’re trying to define cheap and attractive, you’ll find that the two are very hard to define. Cheap can mean cheap as in the lowest cost, or it can mean cheap for a particular type of land, or cheap for a particular location. Attractive land can also be land that overlooks the mountain, prime farming land, land with timberland potential, and so on.

So, we’re going to take a look at the properties that you’ll be able to find in the State of Missouri.


There is no shortage of farmland in the state, and the counties that will provide you with the best opportunities include:

* Texas
* Franklin
* Jefferson

You’ll find that most of the land is sold as part of an existing ranch or farm, but there is also land that has been untouched. We’ve seen 100+ acres for sale for under $3,500 an acre, which is a steal, and some that are sold for even less. Crop growing and cattle raising are both very popular options in Missouri.

Hunting Land

Hunting is huge in the state, and there are a lot of hunting land properties for sale that can fetch a high price when leased to hunters. The most popular counties where you’ll find hunting land include:

* Texas
* Stone
* Wayne
* Camden

Hunting and fishing are both very popular, and you’ll find smaller lots with acreage for sale for $3,000 an acre. Larger lots will have their acreage price go down drastically, with some selling for $1,500 or less per acre of land. Deer and turkey hunting as well as bird shooting is very popular in the area.


If you’re looking for property with timber, this is a great state to choose. The following counties are the most popular choices for anyone looking for timberland:

* Webster
* Benton
* Taney
* Camden
* Howell

Acreage varies greatly from county to the next and on the potential for total timber output. In Webster, you’ll find smaller lots with sale prices of around $8,000 an acre. Larger plots have the price per acre drop to $4,000 or lower in some cases. The best part is that many of the properties have lakes, streams and rivers that run through them, making them versatile.

Waterfront Land

Missouri may not have its own ocean, but it’s very popular for its pond, lake and river views. Not only is the state mountainous in some areas, but you’ll find large lots right on the water just waiting for a home to be built on them or an investor with a long-term growth strategy.

Acreage on waterfront can be found in a lot of counties, including:

* Camden
* Stone
* Morgan

Camden county is by far the most popular for waterfront property. The type of waterfront really dictates that price in the state. You’ll find properties with 100+ acres selling for $6,000 - $7,000 an acre, and a lot of the times, a home is included in the purchase price.

There are also 500+ acre lots on Table Rock Lake selling for $10,000+ an acre, but you have two miles of lake views that are simply unbeatable.

Land in Missouri is plentiful, and like with any state, land near the biggest cities in the state are expensive. Every so often, you’ll come across an unbeatable residential lot and will be able to profit from a deal. With the right land opportunity at your fingertips, the state of Missouri can be an investor's dream.

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