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Looking for Land for Sale in Port Charlotte, Florida?

Published on Saturday, September 26, 2015 by Land Century

Port Charlotte has come a long way from chasing wooly mammoths in the ice age. It is now one of the fastest growing residential playgrounds in Florida, and with good reason. Once occupied by Paleo Indians, Calusas (the shell people) and Seminole Indians it is now a favorite for tourists too.


The location is just north of Charlotte Harbor and Naples, and just south of Sarasota. The climate is humid subtropical during the summer, and cool to fairly chilly in the winter time. A visit to the Florida Keys is a day trip to the south or head north to the ever popular Orlando. (Family you never met will suddenly want to come visit you.)

Economic Advantages

Low unemployment- with one of the highest growth predications in Florida make this a great place to begin life, or retire. The cost of living is low as is the crime rates. It was ranked at 49 for the best place to live in America.

The Right Place

Whether you are looking for a place to call home or investing your nest egg, this is a great area to consider. The land is affordable and it’s a growing tourist attraction for its natural beauty and unspoiled beaches. There are so few unincorporated masses left in the sunshine state, but this is one of them.

The “To Do” List

It might be fair to say all outdoor activities, but if you haven’t been here, you may not even think of the most exciting ones. Golf is a given and Port Charlotte is one of the top three places to play the game in the whole USA. Biking and hiking are at their best here, surrounded by wildlife and waterways while absorbing the natural surroundings that simply don’t exist anywhere else.

Fishing can be done by charter boats, beachside or pier fishing and the selection of fish are delectable. If you want a fun fast experience- try fishing the flats and bring home dinner that your neighbors will envy. Charters also provide tours for those who don’t like touching the bait, or you can rent your own boat for a more private excursion.

Scuba diving anyone? How about snorkeling? Though not everybody’s routine, it’s a blast and lessons are available. You may prefer kayaking or canoeing on the harbor, bring lunch and stay long enough to enjoy the sunset.
If you choose to limit your sea experience to a single adventure, try the sailboat cruises. Mesmerizing is the only way to describe it. Peace and solace graced with a glass of wine while the sun sets off the ocean is almost addictive. It certainly is unforgettable, so bring your camera to share the images of perfection with your friends. You might want to make a stop at the unusual cigar bar first and take your favorite aboard.

For the Rich and Famous

Yes, and then some. It has become a preferred site for film makers and it has embellished the cover of sail magazines when it was ranked as one of the top ten places to sail. The rich and famous are not the financial wizards of the world. The wealthiest of all are those in touch with the pleasure the land gives us and great family or friends to share it with. Port Charlotte is the ideal backdrop for those feelings to grow, so it’s no surprise Money Magazine rated it amongst the best places to live.

If you’re looking for a great place to chow down on that seafood – just take a drive down the old Tamiami Trail, now called highway 41. It’s littered with choice restaurants and offers every cuisine you can imagine from Chinese to Cuban and even good old fashioned American.

Warm Mineral Springs is about twenty minutes away and is best known as a sinkhole/spa for its rich minerals in natural warm spring water. It is also a famous archaeological site where many fragments of native history have been recovered. These springs are thought to be the “fountain of Youth” Ponce De Leon spoke of discovering, the elements are said to have great healing powers. To this day, travelers of the world come to bathe here and bask in the sunshine.

There are lots and residential land available for anyone looking to retire or get the most out of a property. Port Charlotte is growing quickly and this is the best time to begin a new business with a new family and take advantage of investment opportunities that will soon be gone.