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The Magical Beauty of Lake Tansi, TN

If you don’t want to fall in love with a property you better not go to Lake Tansi, especially in the autumn. From the moment you feast your eyes on the deepest blue lake surrounded by an excess of colors, you are hooked. Sunsets are a planned event here. The Top of Cumberland Plateau This is not city living by anyone’s standards. This is serenity at the highest level. Living there year round would be the ultimate lifestyle and, for this reason, many people retire to this very arena. Others have vacation homes there and stay during their favorite season whether it’s hunting or fishing. Golf is another pastime where Lake Tanis exceeds expectations. Their 18 Hole course is top notch and surrounded with the same magnificent splendor. The Economy The median income is around forty thousand and the median home cost approximately one- hundred and thirty thousand. They have some of the best public schools in the nation and are proud to offer several private schools if that is your option. The major industry is health care. There are a couple manufacturing plants, warehouses and mills to name a few. Jobs are available, and the city has an active resource center to assist those who are relocating. Living healthy is the word of the day here. They promote fresh food, activity at whatever level you are seeking and quality health care. Location The location couldn’t be better if you picked it yourself. It is one day away from almost anywhere in the country that you would want to go. Feel like dinner in New York City? It is less than a twelve hour drive, want to go site seeing in Orlando Florida? That is less than ten hours away. Take a short trip to Savannah and explore the Tennessee River or walk the civil war trails of your ancestors. Lake Tansi is simply in the most convenient location possible. Cumberland County has a greenbelt program that offers special tax breaks for farmers, foresters and land set aside for public use. It also has breaks for Tangible Personal Property. Cumberland has the lowest taxes in over ninety counties. This is probably why house sells like hotcakes here. Last year, they sold over 100 homes and even more land. Are you thinking about buying land because it is the one investment that is truly secure? Is your interest in buying land to build on and then flip or just to keep for your future family needs? Maybe the way to go is to buy land and start your own fish camp or RV park, rent out small cabins and pay for your retirement home without a struggle. Maybe you’re more suitable for timber harvesting of the hardwood and pine forests. There are plenty of resources, and the market is always looking for more wood. Either way there is land to be had here- the news is out, and the value makes this a hot buy in real estate markets. Living here is like the endless vacation. The broad categories of land for use stagger the imagination. Where do your interests lie? Is it hunting wild boar or grabbing that turkey for Thanksgiving dinner? Perhaps you are drawn to hiking and biking. There are trails for multilevel challenges available. Horseback riding and jogging trails are a given in this community. Incorporating ATV trails would be a plus, or can you imagine a good game of laser tag in the mountains? That would be a blast! For the truly courageous adventurer try spelunking or orienteering. Most of you are looking those two terms up right now, but let us save you the trouble. Spelunking is exploring caves that have been abandoned and forgotten. It is a quest that is best done in groups for safety reasons. It is also an unforgettable experience. Orienteering is an international sport that combines navigating with a compass in unfamiliar territory and racing. The first one to arrive at the designated site wins. No cheating allowed and please stay safe. Well, there you have it. There isn’t much more to say about Lake Tansi. It offers the best of all worlds. Historic sites, woodlands, farmland, ranches and lakeside living at low prices. There doesn’t seem to be a negative side to land ownership in this area of the country. Maybe the winters are a little colder than some would like, but hey- if that’s the worst complaint it must be a great place to live.