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Paradise on the Cheap - Find Cheap Acreage for Sale

If someone told you just to save 1000.00 dollars and choose where you want to build a home, would you believe it? Would you expect the proverbial swamp land? Of course you would. This is the real deal. I recently read a story about a group of friends that joined together and purchased enough land to build their own town. How cool is that? They created their own amazing paradise and lived there year round. No doubt they have discovered every legal method of containing costs. Acres of raw, undeveloped land in, nearly every state, is just waiting to be adopted by some loving family. From desert landscapes to beautiful lakeside settings depending on what you prefer. Whether you prefer basking in the sun on a Florida beach or riding horseback on your private ranch, it’s your dream, and it’s affordable. Considering your options When you are looking for that parcel of land to enjoy, consider your options. Real estate agents paychecks are based on commissions, and few of them want to sell you the property that costs the least. Auctions are another possibility. Many city and counties have them for foreclosed properties or tax liabilities. The downside on foreclosed land is that it often priced higher than the value, and the tax properties are cash only unseen gamble. Seldom is there an opportunity to investigate or visit the sites and payment arrangements are out of the question on both of these. Now consider the best option The properties sold through Land Century you have a broader selection of properties to choose from. Most land sales offer owner financing allowing you to buy what you want and where you want it. If you prefer undeveloped land with or without utilities or roadways, that is readily available. If you intend to use the land even for short periods, you can buy a parcel with all utilities or some utilities and road access already established. One thing we always provide is the total inclusion of information on the properties we offer. Full disclosure of the address, the size the amenities and the prices and more. We provide excellent professional services and will assist you in any way possible. We buy property as well, so we know where the real gems are hidden. This allows us to offer raw land for as little as 1000 dollars. That is not the down payment - that is the total costs plus a small processing fee, usually around 300.00 depending on where you select. Just ask. So do you still think it’s too late or too expensive to start an investment for your family? We offer information on the best method to pass this to family members without paying a fortune in taxes. There are several articles on our site with tips on purchasing land and where to find the relevant information you will want to know. We want you to be totally prepared for this amazing venture; we want you to be happy and profit from your decision.