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The Top Five Reasons to Make Tennessee Your Home

Tennessee is one of those states that have it all from beautiful landscapes to top notch schools it is a winner. There are many reasons you should consider this state a place to build your abode. Below are some of the most significant points to help you determine if this is the place for both you and your family. The Top Five: The cost of living, employment opportunities, education, infrastructure and entertainment and low crime rates are just a few motivators for moving. - The cost of living - Employment - Education - Entertainment - The climate The cost of living in Tennessee is twenty percent lower than the average state. This is due to the most affordable housing and self-sustaining businesses that residents benefit from. There are few places remaining where you can save money on groceries by simply picking your own. The fruits and veggies are not only fresher- you get them at bargain prices. The cost of utilities and healthcare are also lower than average. Additionally, there are no state taxes on wages, and the property taxes are low. Any produce you can find a farm for can be grown in your own backyard. The soil is rich with nutrients and the rainfall is around fifty inches a year. Just plop those seeds into your garden and watch them grow. Employment is unlimited, and the variables are broad. Every job you can think of from entrepreneurship to basic support jobs is packed with openings. The median income is approximately fifty thousand annually. While in some areas there is high unemployment the government is making it profitable to start a new business with incentives and tax breaks. This may be just the occasion to expand your company, take advantage of what the state offers. They recently had a major car manufacturing plant move to town, so that is encouraging too. The educational system is phenomenal. They recently were awarded for winning the “Race to the Top Commencement Challenge.” They are noted for top notch education from elementary through college. Private and public schools hold themselves to a very high standard. Entertainment in Tennessee is around every corner. Your choice of country music or singing the blues can only be enhanced in the last Colosseum where so many musical events are held. This is the home of Dolly and Elvis (just a couple of names you might be familiar with), and it’s the birth place of country music. Food is one more thing this place is famous for, the best bar-b-que around, the best ribs and fried chicken around. It’s all about that unique country flavor you can only get here. Sweet tea must have been born here, it tastes that good. Mountain views that take your breath away and the incomparable colors of fall are better than any man made celebration. The remaining three seasons are just as distinctive and come with a beauty all their own. The climate is humid and in the summer time it’s hot. That is just another excuse to partake of the numerous outdoor activities available that surround those gorgeous lakes. Bringing home fresh fish, or boating and skiing are just a few examples of the simple pleasures you can experience here. Winters are not mild, it gets darn cold here. Is there a better time to sit by that fire with your cup of hot cocoa and wait for Santa to arrive? How about just a small warm brandy to set the mood for romance? Either way, you know it won’t be too long before the weather changes again. Land purchase prices in Tennessee vary depending on who you buy them through. You must include the price of a realtor and their added fees if that is your preference. Otherwise you can still find expansive properties and great values. The closer to a large city is always more expensive than more rural areas and there are more restrictions that accompany that land. The governing authorities tend to keep a tight rein on what and where you can build. However, if you are looking for a relaxed lifestyle such as a great mountain to share your morning coffee with the costs and limitations plummet considerably. The more affordable the land itself is the more you can invest into your home or business. That doesn’t mean you have to drive two hours to get to the nearest civilization either, there are several plats in close proximity to thriving towns. The only way to make an intelligent decision is to compare them yourself. Decide what you really want, where you want it and how much you want to invest, and then begin the search.