Top Florida Areas Where You Can Still Purchase Affordable Land in 2016

Top Florida Areas Where You Can Still Purchase Affordable Land in 2016

Top Florida Areas Where You Can Still Purchase Affordable Land in 2016
The beauty of Florida is almost mythical. People from all over the world flock to the state to visit the beautiful shores of Miami, or get lost in the magic of Disney World. But if you’re looking to buy cheap land in Miami or Orlando, you’re not going to find it. This doesn’t mean that you can't travel to other areas of the state and find beautiful pieces of land at very reasonable prices.

In fact, a recent article just stated that Florida is the best state in the entire country to live paycheck to paycheck. Prices are affordable, and even rental prices are affordable if you’re not looking to buy land. Florida is a great state overall, and there is no denying that it has the best temperatures and climates in the entire country.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top areas where land is still very affordable:

Fort Myers

The city of Fort Myers is spectacular in terms of use. Situated in the southwest part of the state, this magnificent city was home to Henry Ford and Thomas Edison (winter homes). The city spans 40.4 mi.² with 21.25% of the city consisting of water.

Winters are short, and summers are long with most rainfall occurring between June and September. A tropical savanna, temperatures rarely reach 100°F and barely ever fall below the freezing mark. There are a total of six universities or colleges in the city, including:

* Nova Southeastern University
* Kaiser University
* Hodges University
* Southern Technical College
* Fort Myers Technical College

There are a lot of opportunities to purchase land in Fort Myers, and some of the current opportunities that are available include:

* A 0.12-acre residential lot with a paved road and electricity availability. This lot is selling for $3,800, and taxes are less than $50 a year.

* A double lot consisting of 0.23 acres with a land value assessment of $7,600 is selling for $5,999.

* A 0.14 residential vacant lot with a paved road and property taxes of just $52 a year is selling for $3,999.
These are the perfect areas to buy land and build your own home or rental property. Obviously, the land available has a small amount of acreage seeing as the city is rather small (just 40 mi.²).

Palm Bay

Situated in the southeastern part of the state, Palm Bay has a tropical rainforest climate and a total area of 68.8 mi.². Just 3.1 mi.² of the city consists of actual water, with the rest consisting of land. A beautiful place to own a home or enjoy some fun in the sun, Palm Bay is home to many luxury resort hotels and a population of 103,000 people. The population exploded between 2000 and 2010, rising by 29.9%.

This is an opportunity that you do not want to miss, and it’s time for you to see the great potential that Palm Bay offers:

* A 0.23-acre lot is for sale for cash for $6,999 and is close to I-95. This lot has paved road access and electricity availability as well as city water. This lot is zoned as residential.

* A 0.33-acre lot with paved road access and electricity availability is offered for sale for $6,250.

* A 0.24-acre residential lot with paved road access is available for $5,999. All of the required utilities are in place, and the lot is still in its original natural shape, which means you will need to clear the lot to start building.

Lehigh Acres

A city that boasts a population of 86,000+ residents, Lehigh Acres is in the fast-growing Lee County and is situated on the southwestern coast of Florida. This city was developed in the mid-1950s, and has since turned into a bustling city.

The city boomed before the housing crisis, with more than 7,500 homes being constructed in 2006. The number of homes between 2003 and 2007 were higher than all of the homes constructed in the previous 50 years. Fast-growing, the city suffered majorly after the housing bubble, with the unemployment rate reaching as high as 14%. Property values reached a low of $106,000 in 2008, but quickly rose back up to $169,000 by 2014.

You’ll find great opportunities for land in the city, including the following:

* A spacious 0.34-acre lot that is zoned for single-family residential use and comes with a paved road, electricity availability and low taxes of under $80 a year. This is the perfect lot for investors, and will cost just $4,400.

* A 0.245-acre lot is available with electricity, paved road access and the requirement of installing a septic system. This lot has a property tax of $72.93 a year with a selling price of just $4,200.

* A 0.26-acre residential lot on a fresh water canal that has paved road access and electricity already available is selling for just $4,500.

Lehigh Acres may not be growing as fast as it once was, but the city is still located in an exceptional area that offers great property opportunities.

There are also several other cities that are in Florida that we have not yet discussed. These cities, many of them offer large lots of land, include:

- Port Charlotte

- Lee County

- Jacksonville

- Brevard County

- Punta Gorda

- Citrus County

- Orlando

- Hamilton County

If you’re an investor that is just looking for lots of acres at a very affordable price, there is a 107-acre private island located in Citrus County that is for sale for just $515,000. This is the one property that you never want to pass up if you can afford it.

Florida was once very affordable, and once the secret was let out – everyone started flocking to the state. Prices were so affordable that even younger buyers went to the state, and who could blame them? Prices were cheap, Florida’s water is impeccable, and property taxes were so low that people were moving in droves from the Northeast to the sunny Florida coast. The state still has some hidden gems available, and land in the state is starting to become affordable once again.



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