Where to Buy Hunting Acreage in Texas, Iowa, Ohio and Nebraska

Where to Buy Hunting Acreage in Texas, Iowa, Ohio and Nebraska

Where to Buy Hunting Acreage in Texas, Iowa, Ohio and Nebraska
If you’re thinking of purchasing hunting land for sale, there are only a handful of states that will give you the best value for your money. Prime hunting spots can be costly, but if you search hard enough, you’ll find properties that are reasonably priced and situated in fantastic locations. Four of the best states to purchase hunting land in are Texas, Iowa, Ohio and Nebraska, but knowing where to look is half the battle.

Acreage for Sale Texas

As the largest state in America, Texas is a great place to find acreage for sale. While you’re sure to find land near major cities like Dallas, Houston and Austin, the real deals can be found in rural areas of the Lone Star state.

San Jacinto County

Situated along Lake Livingston, San Jacinto County is a prime location to find great deals on acreage. It’s not a heavily populated area (26,856 residents in the entire county), but you’ll find plenty of residential waterfront properties that make for a fantastic fisherman’s getaway. Taxes in this area are dirt cheap, and you can find lakefront plots for under $4,000. And with most residential lots already offering city sewer, water and underground utilities, you can develop the land with ease.

Llano County

Llano County sits just northwest of Austin and borders both Buchanan Lake and Lake Lyndon B. Johnson. The county is home to the prestigious Horseshoe Bay community and boasts a population of 19,444.

If you’re looking for buildable plots, this is a great location to start your search. HOA fees are low, and most lots feature paved road access, city water and electricity. Plots that are located near the local golf courses are excellent for retirees looking to build their dream home or investors looking to rent property to tourists.

Hudspeth County

If you’re looking for large acreages for sale, Hudspeth County is a prime location for cheap plots of land. Situated in far west Texas, you’ll find large land parcels of 10 acres or more for sale for under $3,000.

With wide open space, Hudspeth is a great location to build your dream home or for future investment.

Presidio County

Presidio County is situated on the Mexican border in southwest Texas, and boasts a small population of just 7,818.

If you enjoy hunting, fishing or camping, Presidio County is the ideal place to purchase acreage. Open zoning in most areas, and taxes are typically less than $100 per year.

Acreage for Sale Iowa

Iowa is one of the best states in the country to find reasonably priced land, and it’s a haven for hunters.

Southern Iowa is a particularly popular area for hunting, and prices for land can be as low as $1,600 per acre. Farmland is in abundance here, but you’ll also find plenty of residential plots for reasonable prices.

No matter whether you want to transform your plot of land into your own hunting paradise or lease the land to hunters, here are some counties to consider:

- Clinton County

- Allamakee County

- Black Hawk County

- Lucas County

- Decatur County

- Lucas County

Aside from hunting, land in Iowa can also be used for fishing, camping and horse riding.

Acreage for Sale Ohio

No matter whether you’re looking to use your land for hunting or to build your dream home, Ohio offers plots of land for every need and budget.

Much like other states, the best deals can be found in less densely populated areas just outside major cities. It’s not uncommon to find large acreage for sale (100+ acres) at reasonable prices.

If farmland is what you’re after, Ohio is the place to go. You’ll find horse farms, dairy farms, orchards and even vineyards for sale.

Some great places to search for land in Ohio are:

- Licking County

- Athens County

- Hocking County

- Vinton County

- Muskingum County

Expect to find parcels of land with gorgeous lake views and scenic wooded plots that are ideal for hunting.

Acreage for Sale Nebraska

Situated in the Midwest and the Great Plains, Nebraska. With a state population of just 1.8 million, the state offers plenty of open, vacant land. Because of its location, Nebraska attracts hunters, fisherman and outdoorsmen from all over the country.

Depending on the location, prices can be steep, but it’s possible to buy hundreds (even thousands) of acres. And if you venture into farming, you’ll find many properties that offer numerous income opportunities.

If you’re looking to purchase hundreds or thousands of acres, check out the following counties:

- Hitchcock County

- Garfield County

- Scotts Bluff County

- Custer County

- Burt County

- Dawes County

- Lincoln County

Ranches are popular in Nebraska, and you’ll find plenty of them for sale. However, you can expect to pay a higher price for these land parcels as most of these properties are not vacant land. Most have numerous buildings, homes and utility hook-ups.

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