How To Buy specializes in selling wholesale real estate at the lowest prices. We believe that everyone should have the right and the opportunity to get a great deal on investment property All you have to do to get the property you’ve always wanted is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Find the Perfect Property

Use’s powerful network of real estate listings to find the property of your dreams. We have everything from move-in ready investment properties and cheap houses to rural land, buildable lots, and fixer-uppers. No matter what type of real estate you’re looking for, you can find it at

Step 2: Click the Buy Button

This will start the purchase process. As one of America’s top online property listing sites, we leverage our unique business model of submitting an online payment to hold the listing to make transactions straightforward and secure. Our purchase process is designed for simplicity and security. Once you click the buy button, you will:

  • Use our secure site to submit your processing fee. We make every effort to protect your privacy. That’s one of the reasons why we offer a 24-hour money back guarantee on your processing fee, so you can feel confident in your transaction.
  • The seller will contact you within the next 24 hours procced to the next step and get the necessary info to prepare the contract.

Buyer Transaction & Privacy Protection stands behind our buyers, and we want you to know that your hard earned money is safe when doing business through us. That’s why we have a number of features to help protect buyers, including:

  • Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate, providing a $1,500,000 warranty on every transaction
  • Secure encryption and data protection
  • 24 hour money back guarantee on processing fees
  • 2 separate legal offices across the country to help you with any problems you encounter, anytime
  • Seller ratings so you can see what other people have to say about their experience with your seller

We take great pride in going above and beyond to protect your data and your privacy. does not sell, share, or distribute your personal information. More information on how we protect your privacy can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Still Have Questions?

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